Life is precious. The worldwide pandemic has reminded of this truth. Many have lost loved ones and friends or known someone who has.

As an attorney whose practice includes trust and estate planning and as a long-time hospice volunteer, I have seen firsthand the struggles and grief of the family members and friends who survive and are left to cope with the emotional stress as well as the practical problems that suddenly need to be handled.

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There are many fine attorneys who can help you through this process. Some of you may have the good fortune to have a long-time family attorney who has become a trusted friend. Their understanding and sympathetic assistance can be invaluable. Others are less prepared. For these people, I like to think that I can be a knowledgeable and helpful resource. And, for those on the San Francisco Peninsula, I am available for house and hospital calls in some circumstances.

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Remember, the pandemic will (we hope) be over someday, but life … goes on. If I may be able to be of some service, please don’t hesitate to contact me.