Trust & Estate Planning

For many people, the intent is to simplify the handling of the individual’s affairs after they are gone so that loved ones can avoid the complexity, expense and stress of court probation administration. This can be accomplished with a revocable living trust. Such trusts are no longer needed to minimize estate taxes for most people because California has no inheritance tax and the federal exemption is high enough that the average person will not be subject to federal estate tax.

Good estate planning also includes planning for circumstances in which the individual becomes ill or disabled but doesn’t die. This includes health care directives and durable powers of attorney. These can be coordinated with your estate planning to work together in important ways.

We make house calls. Special arrangements can be made to come to your home, a hospital or care facility. As a certified hospice volunteer, Will Holsinger understands more than just the law; he understands the circumstances affecting aging and dying.

Risk Management

A comprehensive process for reviewing estate plans, employment relationships and other legal arrangements.


Trust & Estate Planning

Revocable living trust or will? Living trusts allow for faster and simpler transfer of assets after death.

Family Law

Dissolution, Legal Separation & Annulment. Child Custody, Visitation & Support. Adoption, Paternity &
Parental Rights.

Business Law

Minimize and manage your legal and litigation risks, including employment issues, contracting and
strategic planning.