A New World

Email, teleconferencing, websites, remote offices, texting, electronic filing, video court appearances, face masks, electronic billings and payments. These are the benchmarks of a new world and a new way for an attorney to practice law and for an individual to receive legal services and representation.

Without personal contact, relationships, and common community, how is one to know who to contact for legal help? I recently had a person telephone me for help after an internet search. It was a brief call. Once again, as happens not infrequently, we were able to identify the issue and the possible courses of action. On this occasion, it did not include the need to engage my services.

An issue arises when the hiring of an attorney is appropriate. Can everything be done remotely, without ever meeting face-to-face? Probably not. When an attorney agrees to provide legal services to an individual, a fiduciary relationship is created. This obligation is so significant and important, it remains necessary in almost all instances for the attorney and individual to meet first.

Holsinger Law - The Remote Practice of Law and the Client - Scrabble tiles

This suggests that the engagement of an attorney as general, or personal, legal counsel on an ongoing basis is both wise and well-suited to today’s new world. Once created, and like a family physician, telephone and teleconference appointments are then possible as needed.

William Holsinger serves as personal legal counsel to individuals, professionals and businesses. Consider chatting with Will Holsinger (that’s me) and deciding whether such an ongoing relationship is right for you.